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Louise McCullough

Health and Fitness

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Staying active and healthy

As a consultant orthopaedic surgeon Louise sees the advantages of staying fit and active as well as seeing some of the potentially injuries.

After commencing her consultant job she missed the challenges that were a regular part of registrar training, always another exam to pass or different job to get.  She transferred these challenges to her exercise schedule and training regimes.  Having seen a white collar boxing opportunity advertised, she ceased the opportunity of 8 weeks of free training in return of raising money for a cancer charity as an opportunity not to be missed.

After a successful boxing bout at the Aberdeen Exhibition Centre with an audience of 5000, this new found love of combat sports moved into Muay thai training which she does for fitness and technique with no aspirations of being involved in a contest.

This reinvigorated love of fitness and strength and conditioning resulted in a move to try and get involved in a coaching role and this was initially developed through the Beachbody fitness classes and she took on a role in coaching P90X, Core de Force and Insanity.

This has blossomed into a strength and conditioning class 3-4 times per week, predominantly outside. Unfortunately Coronovirus has currently limited that to online courses via Facebook live.

If you would like to join me and others in a open fitness session in Aberdeen, please see my Facebook Page for details.

Want to join in with me on some at-home exercise? Join in on my LIVE Facebook Classes, completely FREE. See my Facebook Page for details.

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