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Louise McCullough

Louise McCullough

Louise McCullough - SAS Who Dares Wins

SAS: Who Dares Wins

In June 2018 I was looking for a challenge, I had been an Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon for 4 years and my most recent challenges had been physical, white collar boxing, Muay Thai, teaching an exercise class an I was looking for something to more to challenge myself with.

I was scrolling through facebook and this advert came up looking for female participants in the Channel 4 television programme SAS: Who dares wins. This is probably one of the few television shows that my husband and I make a point of sitting down to watch.  If a recall correctly I am pretty sure he muttered the phrase ” you should go on this programme” when we were watching the last series.  Now I am sure that as these words left his mouth, he reckoned he was fairly safe in the knowledge that they weren’t taking women at the time.

However it was all the encouragement I needed and I filled in the application form online.  I reckoned I was fairly safe in the knowledge that I was highly unlikely to get in, after all I don’t have some horrific back story, nor am I social media influencer.

With that the journey started.

This show was undoubtedly physically and mentally the toughest challenge I have ever faced, I loved every second of it.

It has demonstrated the mental strength and resilience I didn’t know I had as well as the opportunity to provide motivational talks.  Nothing can compare to this experience and it will certainly be difficult if not impossible to follow.